Training Yourself In Research

How to use this site to train yourself on how to do Research:

We have set up this research site with all of the topics and links to resources to help you be able to:
  • Develop a research design
  • Do a literature search
  • Research and prepare a grant
  • Do a research study
  • Write up the results of the study
  • Find the correct journal to send in the manuscript
Start at the top of the page and go through each topic. Read each of the documents and go to each of the links. Each document will contribute to your information and expertise. If you have questions please let one of the research committee co-chairs know by email. We will be happy to help!

Section 2: Ethics and the Human Studies Protection Process

Ethical Principles & Procedures (IRB, HIPAA)

Section 5: Writing Up The Results

How to write up the research

Article critique and Strength of Evidence

Places to Publish