Policy & FAQ

Policy Statement On Reiki Distance Attunements:

At this time there has been insufficient study done on the accuracy and success of distance attunements for Reiki practitioners. Until good quality scientific assessment of the success of those attunements have been done it is the policy of this organization that a Reiki practitioner must be attuned in person. We invite the Reiki community and particularly those individuals and groups that are supporting distance attunements to fund, develop and participate in studies so that this serious lack of information can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. If the community needs assistance in this area please feel free to contact any of the members of our scientific advisory board for assistance in developing the appropriate studies and the costs to do so.

Thank you,
The Alliance Board

Policy statement on Remote Viewing:

After many hours of dialogue with founding members of the remote viewing community it was decided that remote viewing only be used for scientific and research purposes and only within the appropriate federally approved guidelines for human studies research and animal studies research. The Alliance will be happy to revisit this decision if and when the members of the remote viewing community ask for a new decision.

For more information on this issue please contact:
the International Remote Viewing Association at www.irva.org